Water Supply Pipe Replacement and Repair

We are available for all kinds of water main leak repair, burst water main pipe, water pipe replacement and leak detection services.
water pipe replacement

Do you have a broken water pipe underground that needs replacement? Are there damp floors or walls in your homes that suggest a water leak? Need a new Water Supply Pipe installed between meter and internal stop cock? We offer a full range water pipe replacement and repair service and all kinds of pipe works. 

Often times homeowners tend to ignore the plumbing system in their homes until there is an evident problem. Even with quality plumbing pipes and fixtures installed, routine maintenance checks is advised to keep your plumbing system in top shape. However, depending on the age and environmental factors your pipes may become old and worn out and therefore in need of replacement.  

If you have water issues in Bournemouth, it’s best to call a professional engineer or specialist leak detection company near you. At Dorset County Water, we have specialised equipment, for carrying out water pipe replacement and repair services. Using a cutting-edge technique, we can also detect water leaks under concrete floors without causing much damage to your property. You can call us anytime on 01202393541 and we will be happy to have a look at the issue you are facing. Once we have identified the underlying problem, our water main specialists will get to work to resolve the issue at your earliest convenience. 

water pipe replacement

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Water Main Supply Pipe Replacement

We can replace your old and worn out water supply pipe and carry out repair services such as pipe relining, pipe rerounding. We have had many water supply pipes replaced in across Dorset, from Ferndown to Verwood, Ringwood, Wimborne, Christchurch, New Milton, Poole etc. 

New Water Pipe Installation

If your water pipe is beyond repair and you need to install a new pipe, we supply and install all kind of water pipe and assist with your lead pipe replacements. You can also contact us if you want to disconnect your old pipe and connect an already installed new pipe to your water meter. 

Burst Water Pipe Repair and Replacement

If you suspect that you may have a Burst Water Supply Pipe or you have noticed visible Water Leak from a pipe underground, Our leak detection specialists are on hand to assist with fixing all burst water main and pipe issue. 

Water Leak Repair, Burst Water Main Pipe, Water Pipe Replacement - Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, New Milton, Wimborne, Ferndown, Ringwood and Beyond - Book a free site visit now

Not sure if you need a water pipe replacement in Bournemouth? If you notice the following signs, it’s probably time to replace your toilet pipes, kitchen pipes, water pipe outside your home etc.

  • Water Discolouration: If the water flowing from your tap has an unusual color or gives off a slightly brownish tint, this could be an indication that your pipe is highly corroded and rust particles are now flowing through your water supply.
  • Unusual Odour from Pipes: If there is an unusal odour coming out from your tap, this could be an indication of build up of bacteria within your pipes. If the damage is significant, you may require a water pipe replacement. 
  • Water Leaks From Pipes: Leaks are an obvious indicator of a proken water pipe. You may notice dampness in your walls or on the floor. If its a minor issue, you may have your pipe relined. However, in more complex situations, it is much recommended that you get a pipe replacement.
  • Slow drainage and Low Pressure: If your drains are not flowing well or you have experience low water pressure coming out from your pipes, you must get a water pipe replacement and repair specialist to look into the issue for you. 


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External Water Leak Repair and Water Pipe Replacements in Bournemouth and Poole, to arrange a free site visit or discuss your requirements, fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • Expertise in Lead Pipe Replacement:

Our skilled professionals specialise in identifying and replacing lead pipes, a critical aspect of maintaining water quality and ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Lead, a toxic metal, can leach into drinking water, posing serious health risks. We conduct thorough assessments to identify the presence of lead pipes and implement strategic plans for their safe and effective removal.

  • Transparent Water Pipe Replacement Cost:

We understand that budget considerations are paramount for homeowners and businesses alike. Our transparent approach to water pipe replacement cost ensures that you are well-informed throughout the process. We provide detailed estimates that include material costs, labour costs, and any additional expenses that may arise during the replacement process. 

  • Efficient Water Mains Replacement:

Proper functioning of water mains is essential for uninterrupted water supply. Our team is equipped to handle water mains replacement projects of all sizes. From meticulous assessments and planning to employing advanced trenchless technologies, we ensure  efficient and timely fixes or replacement of water mains.


  • Tailored Solutions for House Water Mains Replacement:

Recognizing that every property is unique, we offer tailored solutions for house water main replacement. Our diagnostic evaluations pinpoint issues within individual properties, allowing us to recommend the most suitable replacement options. Whether it’s addressing leaks, enhancing water quality, or upgrading ageing pipes, our experts ensure a seamless and effective house water main replacement.


Do You Offer Water Main Repair & Replacement in Poole?

Yes, our water main and repair service covers all areas in Poole including: Ashely Cross, Branksome, Bearwwood, Broadstone, Canford Cliffs, Canford Heath, Sandbanks, Hamworthy, Holes Bay, Newton, Oakdale,  Parkstone, Pennhill, Poole Town Centre, Long fleet. Get in touch on 01202393541, let us know your postcode and we will send a specialist out to you. 

Can I Get Water Pipe Repair Replacement in Bournemouth ?

Yes, we offer a full range water supply pipe repair and replacement services. From water leak repair, to burst water main repair and installation, water leak detection, water pipe relining, pipe rerounding etc. Are you in Boscombe, Bournemouth Town Centre, Charminster, Kinson, East Cliff, East Howe, Holdenhurst Road, Iford, Kings Park, Littledown, Queens Park, Winton, Moordown, Southbourne, Springbourne, Talbot Village, Talbot Woods, Wallisdown, Westborne, Westcliff, Meyrick Park or Pokesdown? You can arrange a free visit or request a free quote. Simply call our helplines a 01202393541 to speak with one of our friendly staff. 

Do You Have Local Engineers in Hampshire & Wiltshire?

Our local engineers are available for water supply pipe services in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Just let us know what the problem is, and you can rest assured of a professional fix.  

How long does a water main repair take?

Our engineers can get your water main fixed within 24 hours. Whether you want to replace your old and corroded water supply pipe, or can’t seem to figure out what is causing the leaks or low water pressure issues, we have local professional leak detection specialists in your area. Call 01202393541 or fill out our enquiry form to get started. 

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